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    W Retreat & Spa Bali: The coolest place on earth

    Monday, December 12, 2011

    Disneyland may well be the ‘Happiest place on earth’, but if there was a competition for the ‘Coolest place on earth,’ the W Retreat & Spa Bali – Seminyak would be a serious contender. The cool factor starts the minute your taxi enters the W Retreat & Spa Bali and you disappear down a long [...]

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The vanishing Collin’s dictionary

If you want to look up the word ‘younker’, you’d better be quick, because Collin’s wordsmiths say the word will no longer appear in small print dictionaries as it has been rendered obsolete. Younker, which means a youngster, has joined an endangered list of words released by Collins Dictionary experts because they are so rarely [...]